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February 12, 2011

GRL Games launches new blog – “Why a card game?”

Have you been wondering why Graeme Devine the man behind games like Quake, Doom 3 and Halo Wars went on to make a card game as his second game under his recently launched GRL games venture? Full Deck Solitaire recently became the best selling card based game on the Mac App Store and can now be purchased for free instead of the original $0.99 launch price. Graeme notes on his new blog:

I wanted to achieve several goals with the first game. I wanted to write an engine that I could reuse and in that I wanted metaphors for things like turns, boards, cards, pieces, players, and the ability to wrap some Objective-C around it to make things like save games, and network transport of positions easy and straightforward no matter what the game was.

My family wanted me to make a card game. They played a lot of the cards games on their iPads and wanted one that played a little bit differently.

Priced at $0.99 before the move to free pricing the game was excellent value for money. Full Deck offers excellent visual graphics and video moving backgrounds – much more than your usual Solitaire!  Graeme also makes reference in his blog that he is looking to create more card based game in the future with another game on the table in the next month or so:

I’m working on one more card game with head to head Game Center play that will hopefully be out this month. Stay tuned.

Check out Graeme’s full blog on the GRL Games website:


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