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Mission #1 – Rookie Patrol

Radiokenny’s Guide to:

Atomic City Adventures – The case of the Black Dragon.

Mission #1  – Rookie Patrol – Guide with Map

So you finished a couple of missions in Atomic City and now you want to see if you can find all of the illegal contraband, disable all of the AI Antennas and complete all of the missions for a perfect score. Well this can be a bit challenging.

I’ve included a map that marks all of the locations of the Antennas, loot and mission points. Just knowing where they are will help you quite a bit, but beware criminals guard most of the points on the map and you will have to chase down and kill the enemies that flee to get the maximum points. You also get a bonus for never dying during the mission, therefore when in doubt flee and recharge your health.

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First let’s talk abut the AI Antennas. Most of them you can find and deactivate using the my map to locate them in the upper city. There are two of them that are a little harder to deactivate. You must hit the ramp and fly your hover-bike toward the lake and the lower part of the upper city. There are two ramps to do this, take the left one. The first one isn’t too hard to fly through, but the second can be a real pain in the rear. Back your hover-bike into the city and get up some speed before hitting the launch ramp. Then hold your cross hairs to the sky to get maximum distance and go through the first antenna.

The second one is closer to the ground and is harder to disable. Make sure that you keep your cross hairs high in the screen and don’t point them towards the ground or you will lose altitude quicker.

This should help you get both. It might take you a couple of tries to get the last one.

As for the contraband. Most of them will be easy to find using my map. The one that gives people a problem is the one on top of the parking garage in the lower part of the upper city. There is contraband in the lower part of the garage and on the top level. Problem is that you don’t have a flying bike yet in the first mission so we have to ramp to it on the upper part of the garage. If you drive your bike to the launch ramp to the right of the previous one where to jumped to the antennas. The parking Garage will be below and you can get some speed up and launch. If you turn hard right in the air,  you should land on the top level. Then just kill the enemies and get the loot.

All the mini missions are straight forward and easy to understand. Remember, you can drive up cliffs to take short cuts if need be. Also, a couple of the cantra band chests aren’t able to be opened until you get to a mission point or kill the bad guys near it. Listen for the humming sound and look for the pulsating light.

Good Luck and be careful out there.  Questions or comments?

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