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Robot Entertainment staffers featured on the AIAS website

Andrew Olsen a concept artist at Robot Entertainment along with programmer Shovaen Patel have been featured on the AIAS website. AIAS is the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences. The prestigious website features studios that are part of the over 20,000 strong academy. These interviews are some of the very first to be featured on the website and give a great insight into how  Andrew and Shovaen broke into the gaming industry. Read moreRead more


Robot Entertainment at PAX (Part 2)

Following on from our first part of Robot’s PAX Panel review we now move on from looking at the studios history to present day to looking at some of the interesting prototypes they have been working on in-between OMD2 and OMDU. For the first time we get a glimpse at some of he games that could have been from the creative minds at Robot. Read moreRead more


Robot Entertainment at PAX (Part 1)

Some of the bots from Robot Entertainment have been hanging out at PAX Prime this weekend, hosting their very own PAX panel titled “An afternoon of fun with Robot Entertainment”. In our first part of our two part series we cover the first part of the panel which looks at Robot history including their time at Ensemble Studios and the games that lead up to Orcs Must Die! Unchained.  For anyone who was in attendance there were plenty of free things being given out including a bag, poster, buttons, t-shirt, band and “Founders PAX” access to the Closed Beta. Read moreRead more


Robot Entertainment panel at PAX Prime

Some of the bots from Robot Entertainment are on route to PAX Prime in Seattle later this month. While there is no Robot booth this time around, a number of the bots will be hosting their own PAX Prime panel. The line up includes Patrick Hudson [CEO], Justin Korthof [Community Manager], Lance Hoke [Producer], Ian Fischer [Design Director], Chris Moffitt [Art Director]. Read moreRead more


Orcs Must Die 2! – now live!

If you have been living under a rock lately then you will be wanting to get out and start heading down to the caves. The Orcs are here and they really have to die. Thats right folks, Orcs Must Die! 2 is now live on Steam! If you have pre-ordered the game you will have enjoyed a nice 10% off the list price – sweet! If you havent pre-ordered you can still purchase the game from the Steam store right now! 

Go forth War Mages and Sorceresses!



Orcs Must Die 2 release date announced – July 30th!

Great news for budding Orc slayers! Robot Entertainment has announced the release date for the sequel to Orcs Must Die! This time featuring what we have all been waiting for.. co-op mode! Not to mention of course a whole bunch of brand new levels, defenses and enemies! Its all kicking off on July 30th. I look forward to seeing you all then for some Orc bashing action!

For more details check out the Robot Entertainment blog post, here is a quick extract to remind you of what to expect: Read moreRead more


Orcs Must Die 2 announced!

Orcs Must Die 2 has been announced by Robot Entertainment. Here you can find a summary some of the news generated by this exciting announcement. So here we go, here is your quick round up of all the latest OMD2 news and FAQ’s!

Listen to the Robot Radio interview

To catch up on all the OMD2 news you really have to start here. This excellent interview between Robot Fan’s @radiokenny and Robot Entertainments @sixokay the interview discusses the announcement in some more detail and provides a good insight into how the game is shaping up. Some of the things discussed includes the co-op feature, change of weapons, the Sorceress as a playable character, brand new upgrade system, plus lots lots more. So tune in now for your quick OMD2 news bite! Read moreRead more