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Halo Wars on YouTube, Good job Ensemble.


NextGenReport have uploaded a series of Halo Wars videos on YouTube showing the Halo Wars tutorial and campaigns available in the demo coming February 5th. Here is a link to the videos:

The game looks outstanding and I look forward to playing it soon. It really looks like Ensemble will achieve their goal of bringing an RTS to the console successfully. The interface and tutorial make the game look very easy to get to grips with. I also note the outstanding sound and music. Stephen Rippy has really done a good job here and I already seem comments complementing the music on YouTube.  The music during game play and cut scenes really makes the game feel like an epic RTS. This is Ensemble’s last game and it looks like they are going to go out with a bang.

Hats off to them.


Two new companies to form out of Ensemble


Bruce Shelley confirmed in his blog that there will be two new companies forming out of Ensemble employees. One of those studios will be providing support for ESO (Ensemble Online) and Halo Wars and it is presumed that this studio will be run by Ensemble head Tony Goodman though this has not been confirmed. It is completely unknown as to who may be leading the other company. One might ask why Tony Goodman’s new studio is not employing all of Ensemble’s staff. This is because the new studio will not have enough resources and size to employ everyone unfortunately. However as both studios gain momentum there is nothing to stop a partnership in the future.

Strangely enough Microsoft have announced that they want to have a relationship with the “new” Ensemble and that there is very good possibility of games being created under the Microsoft Games Studio banner. There has been no news yet as to what projects the studio will be working on but AOE4 and Halo Wars 2 are possibilities.

Ensemble visionary Bruce Shelley will not be joining either company, sadly. Stay tuned for updates on these new companies.

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Goodbye Ensemble Studios. Bruce’s last blog


Today Bruce Shelley uploaded his final blog on the Ensemble Studios website. The blog will only be available on the ES website for a few days so catch it as fast as you can.

I have learnt that the Ensemble Studios website may be shut down soon so I will be trying to archive as much as possible before ES closes. It may not be online here straightaway but rest assured I will have all the blogs archived from the ES website and available here as soon as possible.

Goodbye Ensemble Studios. You will not be forgotten.


Thanks for making great games.

Update: All the blogs on the website are safe. Ive got them all stored along with screenshots of the Ensemble Studios website


Colt McAnlis speaking at GDC 2009

Ensemble Studios’ Colt McAnlis is speaking at the GDC 2009 this year and will be discussing the terrain technology used in Halo Wars. Colt will discuss how the Xbox 360 hardware has helped Ensemble render terrain upto 8x greater vertex density than previous games.

Be on the look out for some fantastic terrain graphics in Halo Wars.

This could be one of the last presentations by Ensemble Studios.

Link: GDC 2009




Welcome to! A website dedicated to remembering the great RTS studio which Microsoft sadly let go in September 2008. This website aims to archive as much as possible about Ensemble Studios before it disappears and to provide information about the future ventures of Ensemble Studio heads Tony Goodman and Bruce Shelley.

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