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Age of Empires Online

Title: Age of Empires Online

Studio: Robot Entertainment

Released: August 2011

Reviewed by: Dean Parker

  • Age of Empires Online review – Part 3 – Art & Design
    Part 3 of the Remember ES Age of Empires Online review looks at the art style of AOE-O and other aspects like the UI design. Firstly, it is important to note that the engine behind Age of Empires Online is the same engine we have been used to for the last few iterations of Age. ...
  • Age of Empires Online review – Part 2 – Multiplayer
    Multiplayer Multiplayer in Age of Empires Online takes two forms – player vs player (PvP) or Co-Op play. PvP is similar to traditional Age of Empires multiplayer and refers to players being matched against each other, such as “Supremacy” and “Deathmatch” on ESO from Age 3.  Co-Op play on the other hand refers to co-operative play ...
  • Age of Empires Online review – Part 1 – Gameplay
    According to the online countdown over at AOE-O Fans, Age of Empires Online is now just 2 days away from launch. A number of community members have been lucky enough to secure pre-release keys to play the game early ahead of the August 16th launch date. Remember ES has been checking out the pre-release and today wanted to ...

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