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Archive for April, 2012


Game Informers “Directors Cut” interview with Patrick Hudson

In the latest edition of Game Informer you will find an interview with Robot Entertainment’s CEO, Patrick Hudson. There is also a directors cut version of this interview available online at the Game Informer website. The interview discusses the Halo MMO that was cancelled mid-development at Ensemble Studios and then goes on to talk about the visions for Robot Entertainment including the desire to work on smaller scale products with shorter development times. This vision has been realised already with Orcs Must Die! and Hero Academy which have been markedly smaller projects than say, Halo Wars at Ensemble. Read moreRead more


Orcs Must Die 2 announced!

Orcs Must Die 2 has been announced by Robot Entertainment. Here you can find a summary some of the news generated by this exciting announcement. So here we go, here is your quick round up of all the latest OMD2 news and FAQ’s!

Listen to the Robot Radio interview

To catch up on all the OMD2 news you really have to start here. This excellent interview between Robot Fan’s @radiokenny and Robot Entertainments @sixokay the interview discusses the announcement in some more detail and provides a good insight into how the game is shaping up. Some of the things discussed includes the co-op feature, change of weapons, the Sorceress as a playable character, brand new upgrade system, plus lots lots more. So tune in now for your quick OMD2 news bite! Read moreRead more