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April 21, 2011

GRL Games announces four brand new games in development

Graeme  Devine, the man behind GRL games who has recently released Clandestiny for Mac OS and Full Deck Solitaire has announced that GRL have four other game ideas in the pipeline. First up are two new ideas for the Full Deck series. We have  Full Deck Poker and Full Deck Domino’s on the way for Mac OS X. These games will no doubt continue the winning formula of Full Deck Solitaire.

The other projects Graeme is working on at GRL include “Super Unicorn” and “G7”

Super Unicorn

Now this is an interesting video game concept. Take a look at how Graeme described it when talking to Gamasutra last week:

Currently Devine is developing an iPad game called Super Unicorn Puzzler to answer this question. He admits this “is a terrible game,” at its core, but after a brief play session, the crappy puzzler is replaced with a NASA scientist on the moon, who asks you to help her, he explained.

As soon as you do help, though, agents are dispatched to your iPad’s GPS location. “You have to physically take the iPad and move or the game is over,” Devine said. The game will force the player to go outside, to go to an Apple Store and access its wifi network, and more.

Certainly not your average iPad game! This unique idea will involve you as a player feeling as though you are physically going to look for something and move places while playing the game. So if you are being tracked down by in-game agents you are going to physically have to move your iPad into another location! I don’t think this is something that has been truly done before in a video game so it is a very interesting concept indeed. This will definitely be a project to watch as it develops.

Take a look at the full Gamasutra article for more information about Super Unicorn and other thoughts Graeme has about drawing players into a story.


This project has been less talked about. The GRL games website states that this is a game targeted to teenagers and involves extending the turn based play of the Full Deck games into a social experience. Again, this sounds like an interesting and unique concept. Methinks Graeme has a many ideas in his mind waiting to be put to paper. (Or should that be code and art!)

Very much looking forward to hearing more about these projects. Check out the GRL Games blog for more details about the grand plan and see if you can decipher exactly what gameplay G7 might involve!


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