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June 14, 2011


Orcs Must Die coming late August / September – previews galore!

With E3 having drawn to a close previews are now being published by various gaming websites who visited the Robot Entertainment booth at the event. RTS Guru, Joystiq and Sarcastic Gamer are just some of the websites who have published their previews. There has also been some excellent game play footage from the likes of GameTrailers. It’s great to see Orcs Must Die getting the press attention it deserves.

One of the most interesting pieces of news to come out of the previews is the narrowing down of the release date. Speaking to Joystiq, Robot has now advised the game is looking at a late August or early September release date. Pretty exciting, infact the August and September months are going to be very exciting as both Age of Empires Online and Orcs Must Die are due to launch around the same time – 2 lots of Robot Entertainment action in one!

In other news Orcs Must Die was also nominated for best downloadable game with Machinima:

Some photos of Robot’s stand at E3 have made their way onto the website. Including artists Bart Tiongson and Nate Stefan standing proudly by their winning art piece for this years into the pixel competition.

Congratulations art bots!

Duncan Stanley, Community Co-Ordinator at Robot Entertainment has compiled a long list of all the press coverage of Orcs at E3. You can see the list below, just pick out your favourite websites and have a read! I have highlighted some of the most interesting previews in orange. The GameTrailers gameplay video is particularly good at demonstrating how the game works. It even features an almost suicidal play through courtesy of Justin “SixOkayKorthof – check that out here:

All of these websites are excited about Orcs Must Die with some stating it was one of the best games they have seen at E3 this year. Pretty awesome!

Ok here goes!  :

Joystiq’s favorite games of E3 2011

Thunderbolt Games  E3 2011: Orcs Must Die! Hands-on

Machinima: Orcs Must Die Interview w/Ian Fisher from Robot Entertainment

Kotaku South Hall Gallery Hands-On Impressions


Sarcastic Gamer:  Orcs Must Die! Moves the Genre Forward

Violent Gamer OMD E3 2011

Game Marshal Hands-On Preview

Game Trailers Demo Walkthrough with Ian Fischer and Justin “SixOkayKorthof

Joystiq OMD Preview:


Robot Entertainment Youtube Page for the E3 Trailer:

Gamespot:  E3 2011: Gnoll Hunter Gameplay Trailer

Escapist:  Orcs Must Die:  Gnoll Hunter

YogCast Orcs Must Die! E3 Trailer

GameFocusGnoll Hunters Raid Orcs Must Die! E3 Trailer

TeleFraggedOrcs Must Die The Gnoll Hunters Video

GamesEyeOrcs Must Die! ‘E3? Gnoll Hunter Reveal Trailer

Gamers Armada: Orcs Must Die! E3 Trailer

OMD Screenshot Gallery

Into The Pixel 2011: Orcs Must Die! Artwork By Chris Moffitt, Brad Crow, Nathan Stefan, and Bart Tiongson


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