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Archive for June 1st, 2011


Orcs Must Die – trap spotlight: Wall Blades

PC Gamer has the latest exclusive for this weeks Orcs Must Die! trap spotlight. This week we have the wall blades, these are traps which can be placed on walls so that any Orcs passing close by are very much likely to be torn to shreds! These traps are best suited to smaller corridors where the chance of Orcs passing by is greater. Although, you can always “assist” Orcs on their path to death by combining things like the wind belt to give them that small nudge required to ensure they meet thier maker!

Check out the latest trailer on the PC Gamer website below. You might also notice some UI changes on this trailer compared to earlier trailers – its good to see the game progressing and taking shape. See if you can identify some of the new UI improvements at the link below!