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May 4, 2011

Orcs Must Die – trap spotlight: Boom Barrel

Its round 2 of the weekly Robot Entertainment reveals of some traps featured in the upcoming Orcs Must Die video game. This time we have the “Boom Barrel”.  This looks like a very cool trap and it involves planting a whole bunch of explosive barrels that detonate on impact or when shot by the War Mage. Remember traps can be placed at the beginning of the level or in real time when playing the game so you can always keep the Orcs on their toes. One of the best features of the boom barrel is the awesome physics effects players can acheieve with well placed barrels. You can send a whole bunch of Orcs flying to their doom if you can set the barrels up correctly. Check out 24 seconds into the video below – now that’s awesome.


Here are the latest round of OMD screenshots:


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