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October 12, 2010


Buyouts and Acquisitions – ngmoco acquired by DeNA and Zynga may have paid $6.3 million for Bonfire Studios

Shortly after Zynga acquired Bonfire Studios last week, Ngmoco the publisher of Bonfire’s We Farm game has also been acquired by DeNA a mobile and social games giant in Japan. DeNA is paying a huge $403 for ngmoco as reported by Gamasutra. This acquisition will enable DeNA to expand its market share from its Japanese region to cover the West as well with ngmoco’s titles according to the official press release as below:

Today we announced that ngmoco:) is being acquired by DeNA, Japan’s largest and most successful mobile social games platform company, creating in the process the world’s leading company of its kind.

ngmoco will lead DeNA’s efforts in the Western world, including launching a new western smartphone version of the incredibly successful Social Games Network, Mobage (we say “Mo-ba-gae”) that we’re building together with DeNA.

Mobage has tens of millions of users in Japan who play many hundreds of applications all woven together through a connected service. We’ll be bringing our two companies’ collective experience & technology to bear and delivering you the smartphone version of this incredible service filled with amazing games and services, wrapped inside a vibrant community.

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Meanwhile, TechCrunch has reported that according to an SEC filling Zynga may have paid $6.3 million for Bonfire Studios. Check out the TechCrunch article below if you are interested in more details about the numbers:

Please note that this is only an observation. The exact terms of Bonfire’s buyout in terms of numbers has not been confirmed by Zynga officially.


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