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Quests on route to NewToy’s We Rule!

If you have been enjoying NewToy’s kingdom building game “We Rule” on the iOS platform then you will be pleased to hear the budding developer is about to release a whole new feature for We Rule  – Quests!

According to the press release these quests will bring:

-New Reasons to Explore
-Exclusive Loot
-New Quests Every Week Read moreRead more


We Rule nominated for various GDC online awards

Good news for NewToy the developers of “We Rule” a game where players can create and rule their own kingdom on their iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad. If you do not have an iOS device you can see how the game looks below:

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NewToy’s “We Rule” live in the Canadian App Store – Worldwide release incoming!

Great news for NewToy their latest iPhone game We Rule has now been approved by Apple and is live in the Canadian AppStore. No doubt it will soon be available worldwide very shortly so keep an eye on your App stores!

The game is a free download so if you live in Canada check it out right away!


NewToy’s “We Rule” iPhone game website goes live and in review at Apple

NewToy have announced the launch of the official We Rule website for their upcoming iPhone game over at the Ngmoco community. The website has a bunch of screenshots for the upcoming game, here are some examples:

Your kingdom. Your rules. Take charge of a living kingdom. Farm, build and expand your realm. Check back at anytime, anywhere.

Looking forward to seeing this game go live and enjoying the success of previous NewToy titles!


Ngmoco VidDoc of NewToy’s “We Rule”

Ngmoco have released a video blog where Matt Roberts walks us through a preview of the game. My first impression is that it looks very similar to the Farmville genre – “Social gaming” on Facebook. With We Rule you’ll have much greater control than just planting and harvesting crops, theres building management and the ability to visit other kingdoms and trade merchandise. While it should be noted the game does require a persistent (always on) data connection it should be great to play casually when your on the train or bus for instance. Coverage depending of course!

Take a look at the VicDoc below to see what its like:


NewToy announce new iPhone game “We rule” in collaboration with Ngmoco

Budding iPhone developers NewToy lead by ex Ensemble programmers has announced a new iPhone project in collaboration with Ngmoco a well known publisher on the iPhone platform. The new game titled “We Rule” sees players creating thier very own unique kingdom where they can heavily customise the kingdoms realms, shops, businesses, buildings, banners and crops. The official blurb from the Ngmoco website continues:

You will collect taxes from your citizens and manage a variety of shops and businesses – from bakeries and inns to lumber mills and ore mines.

There do not seem to be any screenshots of the game yet, but stick around and we’ll try and dig some out. Meanwhile check out what you can from the the graphic below. Certainly seems to be a big project but no doubt the Bettner brothers at NewToy are up to the task. For more information on the game the press release follows below and a link to the website.

ngmoco has a new social game, We Rule, in the works. We’re excited to share it with you.

In We Rule, you will govern your very own kingdom. You will act as a city planner and landscaper—customizing your realm with buildings, banners, and botany. You’ll decide what crops to plant and ensure they are harvested on time. You will collect taxes from your citizens and manage a variety of shops and businesses – from bakeries and inns to lumber mills and ore mines.

We’re also pleased to announce we’re collaborating with App Store star Newtoy to create this innovative, next-gen social game. Newtoy has a strong development pedigree on a host of platforms – before iPhone and iPod, the team helped create Age of Empires and Halo Wars.  More recently they’ve engineered smash mobile hits Words with Friends and Chess with Friends.

Soon you’ll have a chance to build a kingdom of your own. We’ll be revealing more about the game soon. And if you’d like access to exclusive info and screens, chat with gamemakers and help us make We Rule better, join the ng:community.