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December 2, 2010


Zynga acquires NewToy

Hot on the heels of Zynga’s acquisition of Bonfire Studios last month, the social gaming giant has recently announced that they are acquiring another studio founded by ex Ensemble Studios members. This time it’s NewToy which is joining the mammoth Zynga studio. As a result of this acquisition NewToy will become “Zynga with friends“. The new studio name leverages the hugely successful and popular “with friends” franchise which NewToy have been building up since Ensemble’s closure.

Since NewToy’s inception they have found huge success from the “with friends” franchise on the iOS platform including chess with friends and words with friends. They also released We Rule in collaboration with ngmoco a kingdom building game similar to Zynga’s FarmVille.

Going forward as part of Zynga the studio will have more funding to complete bigger projects which is exciting for all of NewToy’s fans and followers. Gamasutra reports on a conference call Paul Bettner, founder of NewToy with his brother Dave Bettner as saying:

“Since the first time I met Mark Pincus and we started talking… it has been clear to me that Zynga and Newtoy share the same dream of building a social treasure.”

It looks like NewToy will fit in well with Zynga’s vision. I am certain Zynga will be very pleased with the amazing talent acquired from NewToy. Congratulations to all of NewToy and the Bettner brothers who founded a hugely successfully video game studio, leading up to be acquired by one of today’s major players in mobile gaming, all in these times of financial difficulty with the recession.

Well done NewToy!


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