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   Title: Cavemania 

Studio: BonusXP

Released: September 2013

Read review by Dean Parker

 Title: Word Chums

Studio: PeopleFun

Released: October 2012

Read review by Kenny Newell

  Title: Orcs Must Die!

Studio: Robot Entertainment

Released: October 2011

Read review by Dean Parker

Title: Atomic City Adventures – The Case of the Black Dragon

Studio: Windstorm Studios

Released: August 2011

Read review by Kenny Newell

Title: Age of Empires Online

Studio: Robot Entertainment

Released: August 2011

Read review by Dean Parker



All reviews:

  • Echo Prime – Steam Review
    Its been a few days now since Robot released Echo Prime on Steam. Following its release back in October last year it is great to see Echo Prime arrive on PC as this allows more people to play the game who previously would not have been able to if they did not have an iOS ...
  • Cavemania Review
    BonusXP have just released their latest mobile game on iOS and Android – Cavemania! The game is published by Yodo1, the same partner Robot Entertainment used to publish Hero Academy in China. Cavemania is a “Match 3” game, this means the core concept is similar to games like Bejeweled where you much like colours to ...
  • Kenny’s Word Chums review – there’s no going back!
    When I was preparing this review for Word Chums, it hit me. Word Chums is like one of the following analogies, so pick the one that applies to you depending upon your age. It’s like you went from cassettes to CD’s or home phone landlines to a cell phone or dial-up internet to broadband. When ...
  • Orcs Must Die! XBLA Review
    So the date is finally upon us – October 5th the release date of Orcs Must Die! (OMD) on Xbox Live Arcade. I have been playing OMD! over the last few days and have been extremely impressed with the game. OMD is the first original IP game to be launched by Robot Entertainment. For a number of ...
  • Kenny Newell reviews Atomic City Adventures – Case of the Black Dragon
    Avid Age of Empires Online players will no doubt recognise Kenny as radiokenny on the AOE-O forums. You may remember Kenny as the person behind the genius Rogan Knight project which will soon be coming to a conclusion. The Rogan Knight project involved sending a figurine of a knight to Age fans all over the ...
  • Age of Empires Online review – Part 3 – Art & Design
    Part 3 of the Remember ES Age of Empires Online review looks at the art style of AOE-O and other aspects like the UI design. Firstly, it is important to note that the engine behind Age of Empires Online is the same engine we have been used to for the last few iterations of Age. ...
  • Age of Empires Online review – Part 2 – Multiplayer
    Multiplayer Multiplayer in Age of Empires Online takes two forms – player vs player (PvP) or Co-Op play. PvP is similar to traditional Age of Empires multiplayer and refers to players being matched against each other, such as “Supremacy” and “Deathmatch” on ESO from Age 3.  Co-Op play on the other hand refers to co-operative play ...
  • Age of Empires Online review – Part 1 – Gameplay
    According to the online countdown over at AOE-O Fans, Age of Empires Online is now just 2 days away from launch. A number of community members have been lucky enough to secure pre-release keys to play the game early ahead of the August 16th launch date. Remember ES has been checking out the pre-release and today wanted to ...

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