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Mission #2 – The Missing Professor

Radiokenny’s Guide to:

Atomic City Adventures – The case of the Black Dragon.

Mission #2 – Guide with Map and pics

Here is the second installment of the guide for ACA. I’ve included a map that marks all of the locations of the Antennas, loot and mission points. Just knowing where they are will help you quite a bit, but beware criminals guard most of the points on the map and you will have to chase down and kill the enemies that flee to get the maximum points. You also get a bonus for never dying during the mission, therefore when in doubt flee and recharge your health.

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First let’s talk abut the AI Antennas. Most of them you can find and deactivate using the my map to locate them in the upper city. There is only one in the second mission that is hard to deactivate. As you drive toward Kyoto industries you will see an AI antenna up on a hill to your left. It looks like there is no possible way to get to it with your hover-bike.  To deactivate this antenna you must climb the hill and back up the cliff to get some room and momentum. I included a pic to show you the correct angle. When you hit the edge of the cliff. Point your cross-hairs to the shy and hopefully you will fly straight enough to deactivate the antenna. This may take a few tries to get it correct.

As for the contraband, they will be fairly easy to find with the map I’ve included. They are marked with red squares and the AI antenna are marked with blue squares on the map.

All the mini missions are straight forward and easy to understand. Way-points are marked with orange squares.  Remember, you can drive up cliffs to take short cuts if need be. Remember to listen for the humming sound and look for the pulsating light to easily find the hidden contraband chest.

Good Luck and be careful out there.  Questions or comments?

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