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Mission #5 – Fuming

Radiokenny’s Guide to:

Atomic City Adventures – The case of the Black Dragon.

Mission #5 – Fuming – Guide with Map

Here is the fifth installment of the guide and map for ACA. I’ve included a map that marks all of the locations of the Antennas, loot and mission points.

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This mission you has a twist to the story and some hard contraband to find.

Contraband is hidden very well and will be placed on roofs of building and in other cubbyholes . The map is correct, you just need to search all parts of the building to find the chests.  On the map I marked AI antenna locations blue, contraband/weapons red and major points for missions and fighting in orange. I didn’t mark every mission way-point, but I did mark the major battles.

There is one confusing spot on this level.  I marked it with a green marker on the map. There is an extra chest inside a building at this marker. You can’t open it. It is just an extra. It won’t be humming or pulsating. You don’t need this chest for a perfect mission. Just ignore it. Beware of villains with rocket launchers on rooftops. Just follow the commanders instructions and you should get through all the missions fine.

Good Luck and be careful out there.  Questions or comments?

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