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September 20, 2010


Robot Entertainment’s community partnered art blog begins

Robot Entertainment has lauched its next topic of art blogs with the latest theme being.. robots! Unlike previous art blogs this time Robot has offered community websites to partner with an artist and a poll will be opened so that members on the Robot Entertainment website can vote for their favourite art piece. The community site partnered with the artist that wins will have a whole bunch of Robot goodies such as games, shirts and robot buttons to give away however they please. joins a bunch of other Robot Entertertainment and Age fans sites in sponsoring the art blog. Remember ES will be partnering with Chris “muPPetman” Moffitt. You may remember him for his work with the awesome Robot vs Ninja graphic and the absolutely amazing image of Medusa. The full list of communities sponsoring the event and the artists are as follows:

Robot Artist Community Partner
Gene Age of Empires France
N8 Age Heaven
Drew The Bitbag
muPPetman Remember Ensemble Studios
iwon35 Planet Age of Empires
rice_and_eggs RTS Sanctuary

First on the list is Gene Kohler and Age of Empires France. Gene’s piece is the “Freedom Bot Operator”. Sounds interesting? You bet! The art style is very interesting of the 70’s/80’s were things were very big (think huge mobile phones). There is also a back story to the art piece as it is inspired by Gene’s Sons thoughts about moving into the US Armed Forces, either the Army or Air Force.

My son, Jake, was currently going through the process of deciding which US military branch to enlist within, the US Army or Air Force. It was during this time that I settled upon the contents of my illustration… I decided to create a US Army WWll era recruiting poster. In order to fit within the Robots theme I came up with The Freedom Bot Operator MOS (military occupational specialty… or… job). I went the US Army route given that was the direction my son was leaning towards joining and I am a US Army Veteran myself. He ended up enlisting within the Air Force but I was far too along in my illustration to start over… and this image deadline was looming so the US Army it had to remain!

The final piece is an outstanding robot (the Freedom Bot Operator) being controlled by a wow-ed Army soldier. Take a look and be sure to click and enlarge:

(click to enlarge)

Leave a comment about this awesome art on Gene’s blog!


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