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June 19, 2017

PeopleFun launch ‘Wordscapes’ on mobile

PeopleFun have launched a new mobile word game. Joining the ranks of the highly successful Word Chums and Spell Blitz, now comes “Wordscapes”. This new game brings together word-search and crosswords to mobile devices with some pleasant landscapes. So put down the old fashioned paper and relax with Wordscapes! As with all PeopleFun games, it is highly addictive so be prepared!

There are over 800 challenges in Wordscapes, starting easy and increasing in difficulty as you progress. Each time you complete a level you are rewarded with “brilliance” points which can be redeemed for in game hints. The mechanics of which are very similar to one of PeopleFun’s previous games, MixTwo.

Speaking of MixTwo, if you liked that game and you enjoy word games, Wordscapes will be a great game for you. The game is free to play on the iOS and Google Play store. Just search for “Wordscapes”.


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