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A complete Atomic City walk-through with RadioKenny!

Kenny “Radiokenny” Newell has followed up on his excellent review of Atomic City Adventures with a full and complete walk through for all 7 missions in the game! These walk-throughs are fully comprehensive detailing how to get all the AI Antennas, contraband and weapon caches. Using Radiokenny’s guide you can get all the items in record time, meaning you score gold for sure! Show off your amazing scores to your friends!

Each mission guide comes complete with a map and screenshots showing you how to get the most out of each mission. Where some things are particularly difficult RadioKenny’s tips and tricks will help take away the stress of those tricky AI antennas! No stone is left un-turned here!

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Kenny Newell reviews Atomic City Adventures – Case of the Black Dragon

Avid Age of Empires Online players will no doubt recognise Kenny as radiokenny on the AOE-O forums. You may remember Kenny as the person behind the genius Rogan Knight project which will soon be coming to a conclusion. The Rogan Knight project involved sending a figurine of a knight to Age fans all over the world and then have the knight posted to Robot Entertainment HQ for a group picture. You can follow the journey of Rogan Knight here: Rogan is currently in the hands of Kristin “BatsyBatsy” Reilly at Microsoft Studios where he is pending a photo shoot. It wont be long until Rogan‘s journey is over!

Today however, Kenny is here to share his thoughts about Windstorm Studios’ Atomic City Adventures which was released last week. Kenny is a big Ensemble Studios fan and as such has been quick to check out Atomic City Adventures, an independent game by sole employee, Dusty Monk. Check out Kenny’s thoughts on the new game below! Read moreRead more