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Mission #6 – A few minor adjustments

Radiokenny’s Guide to:

Atomic City Adventures – The case of the Black Dragon.

Mission #6 – A few minor adjustments – Guide with Map

Here is the Sixth installment of the guide and map for ACA. I’ve included a map that marks all of the locations of the Antennas, loot and mission points.

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This mission is to reprogram some computers and foil the enemies plan.

On the map I have marked AI antenna locations blue, contraband/weapons red and major points for missions and fighting in orange. I didn’t mark every mission way-point, but I did mark the major battles.

All four corners of the fortress are guarded heavily. Some advice, kill the villains in the air during each battle near the computers. You could have 6 or 7 enemies at a time coming at you so get the flying bikes taken care of first and then pick off the guys on the ground. Fly outside the walls near the mission way-points if you need to gain health. Don’t circle inside the fortress. It just attracts more villains. The map should make it easy to collect all the contraband.

Good Luck and be careful out there.  Questions or comments?

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