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October 8, 2017

BonusXP launches ‘Stranger Things: The Game’

BonusXP have launched a brand new game earlier this week, and its a big one! We had hints from Bruce Shelley last month that BonusXP was working on a Zelda like game, but who knew it would turn out to be Stranger Things! That’s right, BonusXP has been working with Netflix to release a classic adventure game of the very popular TV series. The game feels and plays just like 1984 from the classic graphics, gameplay and best of all, no ads or microtransations – its 100% free!

Available on Android and iOS the game is available to download right now and you can begin to explore Hawkins, Indiana as you play as town sheriff Hopper and the kids from the series to solve mysterious goings on around Hawkins. Not only can the player explore the areas from the TV series like Mirkwood Forest and Hawkins Lab, but the game adds new exciting areas to explore for the first time.

Each character has their own unique abilities and these are used to help solve various puzzles players encounter throughout their journey. Like many classic games of this type back in the day, there are plenty of things to collect too, including heart pieces for health (think, Zelda), gnomes, eggos, video tapes and more. Collecting all the video tapes unlocks a special preview scene for Stranger Things 2.

The game is a blast to play, for those who played similar games back in the day it is a great trip down memory lane. The game features two difficulty modes, “Normal” and “Classic”. The classic mode really does bring back that old school feel in terms of difficulty level – brace yourself! On the Google Play store at time of writing the game is rated an awesome 4.9/5 and on the App Store, 4.5/5 stars. It is clearly a big hit amongst Stranger Things fans! Check out the trailer for the game below:

Working on a title like Netfix’s Stranger Things is a great accomplishment for the studio. Not only is it extremely exciting but it is a privilege that Neflix entrusted BonusXP with their franchise. Speaking on the BonusXP blog, founder Dave Pottinger writes:

Today is a big day. We’ve just released our latest game, Stranger Things: The Game. Yes, it’s a game about Stranger Things by Netflix. Holy $#@%, right? Sometimes, I’m lucky and my job is just flat-out cool. I hope everyone enjoys playing STTG as much as we enjoyed making it.

With the high calibre of folks at BonusXP, many of whom are from Ensemble Studios, and an impressive lineup of existing hit games like Monster Crew, Cavemania and The Incorruptibles, it really is no wonder BonusXP was chosen for this excellent opportunity. Judging by the reviews on the stores it seems BonusXP have nailed it once again with a great game, no doubt exciting fans even more for the upcoming Stranger Things 2 release on Netflix later this year.

Quite rightly the studio celebrated the launch with Stranger Things cake!

Be sure to check out Stranger Things: The Game right now on your Android or iOS device by visiting the Google Play or App Store! You won’t be dissapointed!



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