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August 26, 2017

GameInformer interviews Bruce Shelley

Following on from the recent History of Age of Empires video, there is another video released this week which Age and Ensemble fans should check out and it is from GameInformer who have recently interviewed legendary designer Bruce Shelley. The informative video talks in some more detail about his early gaming years, the start of Ensemble Studios, Age of Empires (of course) and some detail about what lead to the closure of Ensemble. Certainly this is an interview no Age or Ensemble fan will want to miss.

The video interview also discusses some of the secret games which were in the works at Ensemble, which unfortunately never saw the light of day, including an underwater strategy game. Check out the video interview below!

Where’s Bruce these days?

Bruce is currently working with BonusXP, a studio formed of many Ensemble employees. The studio is currently working on Robot Entertainment’s Hero Academy 2. Its good to see the partnership between Robot and BonusXP holding strong and as Bruce says in the video interview, everyone is good friends. It is not just Hero Academy which has Bruce’s interest at the moment, BonusXP also have a super secret project under-wraps codenamed “Legend“. Talking to GameInformer Bruce hinted that the studio is using games like the Legend of Zelda as a base reference for thier upcoming, super secret action adventure game. It will sure be interesting to see what Bruce and BonusXP come up with and appears to be an interesting departure from RTS!

Keep your ears to the ground for more Bruce and BonusXP news over the coming months!


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