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February 27, 2016

PeopleFun releases ‘Spell Blitz’ on Android, iOS and Facebook

Hot on the heels of PeopleFun’s last mobile game release in January, the excellent Adventure Smash. The studio is hot on the heels with their new game ‘Spell Blitz’ available from now on Android, iOS and Facebook. Spell Blitz lives up well to its name, its a word game where players are presented with a board and 90 seconds to try and spell out as many words from the letters on the screen in time. There are leader boards and higher points can be scored with longer words, special letters and bonuses for fast spelling!

The game is sort of like a mash up of titles like Bejewelled Blitz and Bookworm by PopCap Games. It’s a winning formula and PeopleFun have been able to craft this formula into an addictive game which is great fun to pick up and play and compete with friends. Alongside the core gameplay there are of course leaderboards, these reset weekly and there are both friends and global leaderboards. There is a connection to Facebook on all platforms for cross-platform play and friend sharing. Players can also stumble across ‘spells’ whilst playing to add to the excitement, such as “Lightning” which starts players off with the fast spelling bonus.

Before a game starts players can also choose upto three ‘charms’ from a set of seven. These charms are added bonuses such as starting the game with free multiplier letters or a bomb to clear the board and get a fresh set of letters. Players will like to experiment to find their best combination on charms that suit them.


PeopleFun have a trailer of the game so that you can get a feel for it. Check out the trailer below.

Be sure to check out the game on your favourite platform using the links you can find on the official PeopleFun website:

Prepare to get addicted – again!


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