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January 17, 2016

PeopleFun releases “Adventure Smash” on Android, iOS and the web

PeopleFun have recently released their third mobile game for Android and iOS. Meet ‘Adventure Smash’ the extremely addictive Match 3 game with lots of personality. The game is sure to be a hit and is already attracting many 5 star rating on the App and Play Store. Unlike your normal Match 3 game, Adventure Smash offers numerous objectives and challenges for each level. The variation of challenges and tasks is good and keeps the game fresh as players progress. When the game starts players pick between one of two adventurers (boy or girl) and then the fun begins as their character enters various worlds through paintings on the wall found in the attic. The motto of the game is ‘Easy and fun to play, but challenging to master’, a motto that sums up Adventure Smash very well.

Adventure Smash is like your typical Match 3 game, but with a whole lot more. Levels are varied, with differing objectives and also a number of abilities available. Each power up has a good deal of strategic depth of when to use it, tasking players to weigh up making move X or move Y. To give you an idea about how it works you can check out the trailer below.


With various worlds there are 145 levels in total to play so far.

PeopleFun have worked hard on this title to get that fine balance between a fun and challenging game, and not over loading it with numerous micro transactions. Sure, they are there, players can purchase utility items like ‘Flash Bang Brew’ which helps stun bosses, or the ‘Token Twister’ which shuffles the pieces on the board. The items are useful and can be earned through various means – the daily free spin, tournaments or micro-transactions. The game itself has an appealing art style with vivid colours and excellent boss designs.

Facing off against Blurg the boss of the space planet level

Each level has a three star system where players can not only try to complete the level for one star but also to get the second and third stars which require more points. Completing levels faster with better scoring matches enable players to get the extra stars. There are of course leaderboards both overall for each world and on a per level basis so that players can compete with friends. There is Facebook integration which also allows for cross-platform play between devices.

Friendly competition between friends with per level leaderboards.

In addition to the main game there are also weekly tournaments that take place, these tournaments involve playing several games and players can win prizes for high scoring levels. There is also a global leader board and top players overall can win bigger prizes. The tournaments offering regular differing challenges to keep players engaged even after the main story content is completed.

Work your way up the score board to win item prizes.

Overall Adventure Smash is a great game, its highly addictive much like Word Chums. Once you start, you won’t want to stop! The game is available on Android, iOS and also on the web via Facebook. With multi-platform play you can dive into Adventure Smash at anytime to get your fix of Match 3 fun with a spice of adventure. Be sure to check it out on the links below. I’m sure we’ll be seeing plenty more Adventure Smash content!

Play Adventure Smash on Facebook!

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