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Archive for January 17th, 2016


PeopleFun releases “Adventure Smash” on Android, iOS and the web

PeopleFun have recently released their third mobile game for Android and iOS. Meet ‘Adventure Smash’ the extremely addictive Match 3 game with lots of personality. The game is sure to be a hit and is already attracting many 5 star rating on the App and Play Store. Unlike your normal Match 3 game, Adventure Smash offers numerous objectives and challenges for each level. The variation of challenges and tasks is good and keeps the game fresh as players progress. When the game starts players pick between one of two adventurers (boy or girl) and then the fun begins as their character enters various worlds through paintings on the wall found in the attic. The motto of the game is ‘Easy and fun to play, but challenging to master’, a motto that sums up Adventure Smash very well. Read moreRead more