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March 4, 2015

BonusXP and Stardock announce “Servo”

BonusXP and Stardock have today at the GDC San Francisco announced their new RTS game – Servo.  As previously touched on in one of Bonus XP’s blog posts, Servo is a futuristic real-time strategy (RTS) game. The game has everything you would expect from an RTS headed up by another of Ex-Ensemble staff, including resource gathering and building up. There is a twist on this RTS formula and that is that the game also uses an RPG like “levelling up” concept. In Servo as players play the game they collect more parts for their collection which can be used on their Servo, when a player has a number of parts in their collection they can decide which ones they want to bring in to battle, bringing back the strategy element.

Servo is a far-future real-time strategy game that lets players customize their team of giant war machines, called Servos, with parts they earn in battle. Across the single-player story campaign, hand-crafted co-op scenarios, and white-knuckle PvP, Servo has something for everyone.

The game is set in the future on Earth which is full of problems after humans having previously had to leave the planet and take to the stars to find a better world to live in. Now in Servo, players return back to Earth to try and sort out all the problems that had been created. There is actually considerable back-story already available on the newly created Servo website. The art style is quite interesting, colourful and bright.


Servo’s is all about collecting and earning parts which can be placed on your own Servo’s which you take into battle. From the FAQ on the website:

Servo’s core mechanic is earning parts in battle and then customizing your Servos with those parts. Collecting awesome new parts from Nemodium Blades to Hydra Launchers and experimenting with the new strategies they enable is key to Servo. The marriage between that progression and a well-crafted RTS game sets Servo apart.

The game will be available on both PC and Mac on Steam and is due to be released at some time in 2015. There will be both an early access beta and a Friends and Family alpha test. BonusXP and Stardock are offering access to a Founders scheme for $19.99 which allows players to pre-order the game and also gain access to the Friends and Family alpha test. There will be multiplayer in terms of PvP and co-op along with 25+ single player missions. Be sure to sign up for the Founders programme to also see some sweet behind-the-scenes material as the game progresses.


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