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March 18, 2013

PeopleFun launches “MixTwo” on Android and iOS

PeopleFun the studio founded by Tony Goodman has launched its second mobile game to the masses. Aptly titled “MixTwo” the latest game shows players two pictures and when combined the pictures reveal a linked word. For example match a cat and stripes and what do you get? Tiger, of course!

This one may be obvious but MixTwo can get alot harder!

The above example is in essence what MixTwo is all about. Players progress through image after image and try to answer each puzzle. Like most word games and indeed Word Chums before it, once you start playing its really hard to put it down! The game also offers dual function of helping you learn your spelling for those longer words ;). When things get tough as they inevitably do players can purchase “hints” to help them solve the puzzle. Currently the hints are “Show picture tiles”, “Reveal a letter” and “Remove extra letters”. Players can use these hints for free, once every certain number of hours. Akin to games like Scramble with Friends, players can optionally purchase more hints with coins. Coins are earnt by solving puzzles, optionally players can purchase coins for real money. The prices for these coin packs are extremely low, infact just £0.66 can buy 40 uses of the “Show picture tiles” hint!


MixTwo has a good balance of difficulty, I find myself ploughing through some easy challenges and then encountering one that really makes me think. Although the game has no multiplayer functionality I often ask a nearby friend on their thoughts. This kind of word of mouth will no doubt be a key factor for spreading the word around about MixTwo. Once people see the game i’m sure they will be compelled to download and try it out from themselves. In typical Ex-Ensemble fashion the game sports bright colours and is a breeze to use.

MixTwo is a free download and is refreshingly available on both Android and iOS. Download links as below – happy mixing folks!




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