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June 29, 2012

Latest Hero Academy update brings 28 new single player challenges!

Robot Entertainment has today released their latest update to Hero Academy, version 1.2.3. This update brings an exciting set of single player missions to the table called “Challenges”. For the first time players can now play through single player challenges to boost their skills. The 28 strong challenges have a range of difficulty, some are quite easy – others are particularly tough and will test your wits greatly.

The 28 challenges allow players to play through all the available teams regardless as to whether they have been purchased or not. Each team as 7 of there own challenges to play through. This is great news for those who want to try out a team before committing to buy.

In other news, the update brings a far more detailed tutorial system which includes 8 new interactive tutorials to help new players get up to speed and reduce the learning curve. There have also been changes to the taunt system, where previously taunts have been purchasable they can now be unlocked  each time a player wins a match. Don’t worry, you wont lose any taunts that you have already purchased.

Be sure to check out Robot Entertainment’s latest blog post which details the latest update in full.

Now.. to the Academy, Heroes!


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