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January 14, 2012

Graeme Devine designs “Spider Swiper” an iOS game for Mentos

Popular mint maker, Mentos has recently procured the services of Graeme Devine to help them launch a new iOS game to go along with a new marketing campaign for the Mentos brand. The company certainly know how pick their game designers enlisting the help of Ex-Ensembler and now founder of GRL Games, Graeme Devine to design the game “Spider Swiper” for iOS.

The game itself is pretty simple, players just need to swipe the spiders in order to defeat them. The best swipes lead into spider swiping combos. Beware though, these spiders look incredibly realistic, so if you are scared of spiders you may like to give this one a pass! Alternatively, if you want to give those pesky spiders a piece of your mind then this app is just perfect to release your dislike! Check out the game on iTunes using the link below and enjoy swiping!

Did I mention if you beat the first spider you can get a code for a free pack of Mentos? Hello free mints!



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