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December 13, 2011

Orcs Must Die! DLC lands tomorrow on XBLA with Hero Academy also on the way!


Some exciting news to get you in the jolly Christmas spirit! Robot Entertainment will be on hand to provide us with all our entertainment needs. Firstly as previously announced the DLC for Orcs Must Die on Xbox Live Arcade will be made available for purchase from tomorrow. The DLC pack brings new levels and weapons and can be purchased for just 400 MS points – a bargain! A Title Update for the game has been released today which provides the framework to support the DLC content when it is released tomorrow. Happy Orc slaying!

In other news, Hero Academy the newest project to come fresh from the factory is still on track for its Winter release. Infact, Robot have the game in Apple’s certification process as we speak. Providing the certification process with Apple goes according to plan we could be looking at a release date in the very near future for the upcoming mobile tactics game. According to an update posted on the studios Facebook page for Hero Academy they are planning to hit Canada with the launch first and then moving to other territories shortly after. It should be interesting to see what Robot has to offer on the iPhone which has proved to be a very successful platform for other Ex-Ensemble studios in the past! Stand by folks!


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