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December 17, 2011

Hero Academy trailer and teams revealed!

Welcome to the Hero Academy! A few days ago Robot Entertainment took the wraps off more details about the upcoming mobile tactics game. First and foremost we have an exciting gameplay trailer and we can finally see more about how the game works. Players pick a friend to versus against and then pick their teams before heading out into a game of turn by turn tactical combat. Players start on either end of the board and the objective is to destroy the other enemies team. Special bonus items are placed on the map to shake things up as well. Magic crystals for both teams must also be rigorously defended. As we read before the gameplay is very light-hearted and seems to take a pick up and play approach. Lets take a look at the video trailer to get a better idea of the gameplay:

Its good to see what appears to be a very clean user interface and polished graphics. From the video the game looks very intuitive and easy to play, the asynchronous multi player should be great for those players wanting fast paced matches. Also announced today are the two teams which will be launching with the game sometime this Winter. First we have the “Council” who appear to be the good guys and then we have the “Dark Elves” who seem to take the guise of being the bad guys.

The Council are the heart and soul of the Hero Academy – the oldest team and one of the most well-respected. Drawing their members from multiple human kingdoms, they fight with honor and bravery. The Council’s teams are always extremely well-balanced, with powerful area of effect attacks, good staying power, and the ability to keep control of key positions on the field.
The sinister dark elves have travelled to the Hero Academy from their shadowy underground cities, fully prepared to unleash their mix of magic and battle prowess to the surface-dwellers. Dark elves possess the inherent ability to leech life from their enemies. A dark elf team will also raise phantoms from dead enemies to fight on their side; unwary opponents will soon find themselves overrun by a team that grows only more powerful as the contest progresses.
More details about each of the teams units can be found on the latest Robot Entertainment blog. Whilst the above teams are confirmed for launch I imagine we will see more teams appearing in the future post launch, perhaps as downloadable extra content. With winter upon us and snow falling we may have some friendly multiplayer tactical gaming hitting our iPhones, iPods and iPads very soon! Stand by for more updates over the next few weeks.

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