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November 8, 2011


Lost Adventures DLC for Orcs Must Die available today

Robot Entertainment has today made available the second DLC pack for Orcs Must Die on Steam. This DLC pack is perfect for those who have completed the main campaign and are looking for some extra challenges. This DLC pack includes 5 new exciting fortresses to play, four of which are completely new and original and one is the reverse of one of my favourite levels “The Tower” where the Orcs will now be heading down hill rather than up! Each of these levels can be played on all three difficulty settings which also means there is room for an extra 50 extra skulls to collect – perfect to upgrade your entire set of traps from the last DLC! The new levels appear as a separate campaign in-game so you can also enjoy them if you havnt yet finished unlocking the main campaign levels.

Also included in the DLC pack are 2 new enemies the Frost Bat and Cyclops Mage. The Frost Bats are very similar to the existing Hell Bats, instead they are just a bit more frosty and attack with ice rather than fire. The Cyclops Mage however is quite a formidable enemy. The Cyclops Mage is bigger than a Gnoll Hunter and smaller than an Ogre,  the problem is the Cyclops Mage can fire magic blasts which home in on the War Mage and steal energy. Both these new enemies help mix things up suitably in these new levels.

In order to help players deal with these new enemies comes a new item which is perfect for those War Mage’s who enjoy practising magic – the Mana Wall allows players to re-charge their many by placing the item onto near by walls. The War Mage can then step close to the wall mounted item to regain mana just like standing next to the rift. This will be great for fighting frost bats with the fire bracers!

Check out the new trailer for the DLC below!

All this is available for just $2.99 or £2.99 – Orcs Must Die super fans can get 25% off the purchase price by ordering in the first week of release. So if you fancy 5 exciting new OMD levels and 25% off the price you best head over to Steam on the link below pretty sharpish!


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