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October 4, 2011

Orcs Must Die! – Steam demo now available! Pricing also detailed

Great news for all PC players on Steam – the War Mage has landed and Orcs Must Die! The demo of Orcs Must Die has hit Steam and is available for download right now! At 1GB in size you’ll soon be able to jump in on the action in no time! The demo features 3 playable levels from the game and some of the initial traps like the floor spikes and boom barrel. Equipped with your sword and cross bow – its time to go out into battle and defend the fortresses from Orc invasion!

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Also announced today on the Steam platform are two unlockable costumes for the War Mage. The first is the “Knight of the Order” costume as pictured below. This costume will initially be made available exclusively for those who pre-order Orcs Must Die on Steam. The price for Orcs is an extremely reasonable $14.99 or £11.99. For this outstanding value price players can battle in 24 levels of endless Orc bashing. With hundreds of possible methods to destroy the disgusting Orcs you’ll enjoy hours of fast strategy action that really does keep you on the edge of your seat for those times when you are overwhelmed with Orcs coming all directions, ground and sky!

The “Knight of the order” costume – available for those who pre-order on Steam before launch

Next up is the “Orc Slayer” costume. This costume will only be available when Orc slayers from across the world amass over 250 million Orc kills. Once this number of creepy, disgusting Orcs have been slain this costume will automatically become available. So get out there and get slayin’ and we’ll soon be seeing the War Mage in this awesome gear:

Celebrating the death of over 250 million Orcs. Available only after 250 million community kills!

So where can I find this Orc action?

Head over to Steam right now to pick up your free demo of Orcs Must Die and get a feel for the first few levels of the game. The demo is a perfect chance to get yourself ready and familiar with the game ready for you to unlock the full game come October 12th. Demo players even have their own leaderboard so you can see how your scores compare to others.

A full Remember ES review of Orcs Must Die will be available right here tomorrow, so be sure to check back then. In the meanwhile check out Robot’s first masterpiece right here on Steam!


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