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October 11, 2011


Orcs Must Die! – live on Steam and On-Live!

Great news for everyone who has been eagerly awaiting the release of Orcs Must Die on Steam – Robot just released the game one day early! Patrick Hudson, CEO of Robot Entertainment announced today:

“The pre-launch buzz around Orcs Must Die! has been outstanding, We have an opportunity to release the game a little bit early so we jumped at the chance to let players start massacring orcs a day early.”

Looks like the bots are being very attentive to fans Orc slaughtering needs! The game can be downloaded for Steam right now over at:  so head on over folks!

Purchasing the game today will also guarantee you access to the exclusive launch “Knight of the order” costume shown below in all its glory.

Slayin’ with style. This costume is yours today with your purchase of Orcs Must Die! for $14.99

Not just for Steam…

Orcs Must Die! has also been launched on the video game streaming service “On-Live“. No need to worry about long install times, just harness the power of your internet connection and jump right into the rifts and prepare to defend fortresses against the evil Orcs! Check out the On-Live page for Orcs Must Die using the link below and play today!


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