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October 23, 2011


New DLC upcoming for Orcs Must Die on Steam!

How is everyone’s Orc slaying going, 5-skulled all the missions? Killed over 30,000 Orcs? Dared to brave nightmare mode? Well, no matter where you are on your quest, things are set to get even more interesting with the announcement of two DLC packs for OMD on Steam. Details of the first DLC pack include two exciting new traps and two exciting new magic powers – so lets check them out!

First up is the Vampiric Gauntlets. These are perfect for those levels where you find yourself low on health. Using the gauntlets players can magically take health from the Orcs and transfer it back to the War Mage! The gauntlets come at cost of mana though, but can be a great way to recover health lost from pesky Orc Archers.
Next and sticking with the magic theme is the Alchemist’s Satchel. Now this is quite unique and is probably best described in the YouTube video below. This item allows the War Mage to throw down acid bombs which instantly turn Orcs into skellingtons. The effect is quite pleasing to watch. They can also be planted on the ground and detonated in a similar way to the existing boom barrel trap.
Moving on to some good old fashioned traps. The Shock Zapper makes its appearance in this DLC pack to help give you that extra “buzz” in battle. The Shock Zapper can be mounted on the ceiling and results in electricity aiming directly for Orc’s incredibly ugly heads. This trap can be a perfect way to knock some sense into an Orc about their pointless crusade!
The final trap in the quartet of new goodies is perhaps the most interesting. The Floor Scorcher is a truly multi-purpose trap combining the brimstone and spring trap into one! Orcs passing to the left or right of this trap will be nicely scorched whereas Orcs passing on top run the risk of being sprung off into pools of lava or acid. A nice touch methinks!

As video is always much better at describing things than words, check out Robot Entertainment’s brand new video detailing all of the goodies in DLC pack #1 for Steam below!

The first DLC pack will be titled “Artifacts of Power” and will be available on Steam come October 25th. That’s only a few days away folks! As a mini DLC package the price is also kept bite size too, costing just $2.49 – you can’t say no to that!

But but but.. what about Xbox? This DLC package is currently for Steam players. However, there is DLC for Xbox in the pipeline. The DLC pack announced today is part 1 of a two part series. Generally DLC packs on Xbox Live are slightly bigger than bitesize chunks. I predict we will see both DLC pack 1 and 2 which launch on Steam soon to make their way to Xbox as part of one DLC pack roll up. That’s my guess of course, Robot may well have something else up their sleeves!

Rest assured though loyal Xbox Orc slayers – there will be DLC coming, it is in the pipeline. This is not the work of platform favouritism either, it just so happens that there are alot of hoops to go through to get DLC on Xbox Live, with time-scales outside of Robot’s control. So sit tight for now and Xbox players will no doubt see their DLC pack soon.


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