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Archive for October 9th, 2011


Final part of the Atomic City guide & map – “Enter the dragon”

After having battled our way through the futuristic cities and battled numerous enemies – from feisty damsels to menacing synthetic hornets, Pam has been through alot during the weeks investigating the case. Now she and the VSF are ready to launch their attack on the robotic AI controlled flying bikes. While this level is mostly about the final showdown between Pam and Kumiko it is important to explore the level as well for those looking to get the highest scores. As Kenny points out If you want extra points make sure that you kill the main villain last.

Completing this level will wrap up your time in Atomic City. Never fear though, Dusty has previously hinted at an additional two levels which we might see arriving in the form of DLC in the future. So stay tuned and we’ll see you again in Atomic City!

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