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September 17, 2011


Robot Entertainment reveals Orcs Must Die interactive video!

Robot Entertainment has managed to pull out the best video game trailer I have ever seen. The latest Orcs Must Die video showcases up to 30 possible avenues when completing a single level of Orcs Must Die. In order to demonstrate the huge number of gameplay possibilities Robot has leveraged the annotations feature of YouTube which allows viewers to click and choose a path of their choice. This path might be choosing between floor traps or fighting hand to hand you can now check out the interactive Orcs Must Die video to see just how the game performs with a path of your choice.

Which path will you choose?

This is the first time I have seen a video game trailer utilise this kind of genius functionality, perhaps even the best use of annotations I have seen on YouTube ever come to think of it. If you have been waiting for an Orcs Must Die demo, rest assured this will satisfy your thirst in the meanwhile! Creating this kind of in depth video was no easy task with over 30 possible combinations to complete a single level this would result in over 100 minutes of video to record, plus these videos would need be edited and narrated for the full effect. So yeah, it probably took a *long* time! Community bot Duncan Stanley took care of all the video recording and editing along with Justin Korthof who leant his voice for the narration together meticulously crafting this outstanding marketing video which truly engages viewers just how the gameplay of Orcs Must Die works.

The latest blog on details just how the community bots went about starting this daring task – with a very large flowchart!

Click to enlarge

The result of all the hard-work as definitely paid off with the reaction on numerous gaming websites and even SEO websites being fantastic. Christophor Rick at ReelSEO commented:

I love it when there is convergence in my divergent coverage areas. This went even further, it not only got my work brain thinking, but it also got my gamer brain thinking. I now want to play this game, and that is exactly what they were hoping to do with this project, so I am glad to let them know, it worked.

See how far online video has come as a marketing tool? This uses everything I have been talking about lately: creativity, innovation, interaction – on video – and interesting content. They have definitely achieved what they set out to do. This is an excellent way to get gamers into the game, without giving them the game. It’s the perfect use of online video on their part, in my opinion.

Meanwhile numerous reactions from gamers at Rock Paper Shotgun praised the video for its interactiveness and how it makes viewers really want to play the game. Here is just a selection of comments:

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Congratulations to Robot Entertainment for pulling this revolutionary interactive video trailer out the bag. Its going to be great to see similar reactions when Orcs Must Die launches next month in October. Meanwhile spend your time getting familiar with Orcs Must Die with the video trailer in question below!

Orcs Must Die –  interactive video:


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