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September 5, 2011

If it looks like a rat.. – Part 3 of RadioKenny’s Atomic City guide

The time has come for the third mission guide for Atomic City Adventures. Courtesy of Kenny “RadioKenny” Newell, the third guide provides players with top tips on how to deal with the large swarm of enemies and deadly lasers. As always, each AI antenna, weapons and contraband is listed – so print out your copy of the map and get treasure hunting!

Mission #3  – if it looks like a rat..

The third level of the game was definitely my favourite. Why? Because you get to unlock the awesome Red Nail. The Red Nail allows players to take to the skies and adds a whole lot of excitement to the game, fighting crime in mid-air is always a blast (quite literally, infact!) its certainly something to look forward to as you play through the game. Be warned, the Red Nail takes some getting used to control wise. Like Kenny mentions in his guide, customising the mouse sensitivity from the game options menu can help greatly fine tune the experience!

If you havnt already picked up ACA (shock!) and you need an idea of what the Red Nail is like, then check out this video from Windstorm!


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