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Archive for June 5th, 2011


Final day of the Windstorm Studios teasers – Meet Pam Rodgers

It looks like my guess that players will be taking up the role of Hank McKenner in the upcoming Windstorm Studios title was close, but not close enough! It turns out that Hank is infact the former mentor of Ex ACPD Officer, Pam Rodgers. She originally joined ACPD years ago but she quit the force having been outraged at all the corruption and wrong goings on deep in the heart of the ACPD. After just three years on the force she quit for moral reasons. Now with Hank heading up the new Vehicular Strike Force agency that has been setup in Atomic City he has invited her back to assist the VSF with their city wide crackdown. Promising to be different than the ACDP with moral values Pam can strike back against criminals and the wrong-doers of the ACPD. It looks like players will be taking up the role of Pam Rodgers as she helps clean up the city under Hank’s leadership. That is of course, unless I am wrong again! Read moreRead more