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September 27, 2010


Chris “muPPetman” Moffit posts his art blog in partnership with

Todays Robot Entertainment art blog comes from Remember ES’s partnered artist Chris Moffitt who has produced an absolutely awesome piece based from inspiration from films like District 9 – a walking, half alien looking Robot. Take a look at this amazing 3D artist talent:

(click to enlarge)

Chris explains in detail on his blog how the amazing art above came to light:

I began pulling inspiration from film, games and tons of art from the web. District 9 had one of the coolest mech designs I’ve seen in years and I loved how it even had an alien-like head with mandible like antennae that sort of mirrored the aliens that piloted them. So I thought it might be cool to make a giant, 20 ft. tall alien robot, sort of a zone guardian on an alien planet. I started some thumbs and explored different ideas, some having raptor-like legs with gun mounts and others having rows of giant, 8 ft. tall wheels. I really wanted this thing to look like it could move over terrain quickly and eliminate any intruders.

35 hours went into making this amazing piece and went through a number of draft ideas. Its always interesting to see the stages art designs go through before the final piece is achieved. :

Be sure to read all about the design development in Chris’s blog on the Robot Entertainment website:

There are two more art blogs to come and then a poll will be opened to select the best. Do you have a favourite so far?


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