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Archive for November 11th, 2009


Halo Wars Title Update 4 balance feedback sought


Robot Entertainment balance staff Tim “Timotron” Deen and Community Manager Duncan “Aloysius” Stanley have informed the Halo Wars community that the fourth title update for Halo Wars is now in consideration and the balance team at Robot Entertainment are now looking for feedback on the following proposals. So far the first draft of the proposed balance changes is as follows:

1. Buffing the Scarab from a fully upgraded tech level 3 Covenant unit to a “super” tech unit on par with Grizzly’s, Hawks and ODST.

2. Buffing the Hunters Assault Beam upgrade so that Hunters can track fast moving vehicles like warthogs.

3. Fixing the Grunt squads needler upgrade so that they keep their damage bonus against Air craft.

4. Nerfing the Arbiter during Rage so that he takes more damage from attacks.

5.  Nerfing the Gremlin by adjusting the vehicle and its upgrades up one tech level, making Gremlins a tech level 2 vehicles with the first upgrade available at tech 3 and the final upgrade at tech 4.

6. *New* Buffing Brute choppers auto-cannon damage to do more damage to air units at the same rate as other scout units.

There are also a number of bug fixes being looked at including:

1. Cryo Glitch
2. TrueSkill display glitch
3. Y-Ability cooldown glitch
4. DLC Leaderboards Display Glitch.
5. Multiplayer Lobby lock up glitch.

 Check out the discussion on the official Halo Wars community website to see how players are responding and feel free to leave any comments you think about the proposed changes there. The link to the thread is: