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June 10, 2009


Players invited to discuss Title Update 3 for Halo Wars on official community forum


Never say the Robots dont listen! Tim “Timotron” Deen has kicked off a discussion thread on the forums to announce some of the intentions Robot has for balancing the game in Halo Wars title update 3. The changes suggested so far are as follows:

1.  Gauss warthog gauss cannon damage bonus against units with heavy armor (Scorpions, Wraiths, Scarabs, Locusts) reduced so that tanks will stay as a viable option to counter warthogs.

2.  Warthog build time slightly increased to restrict how fast players can mass and replace warthogs during the game.

3.  Anders bonus to tech build rate reduced to further balance the leader.

4.  Base turrets attack and health boosted slightly to increase turret viability in early and late game.

5.  Elephant health increased to improve survivability and viability as a unit.

6.  Grenade/ Plasma grenade / RPG damage against medium armor (warthogs, ghosts, choppers, wolverines and cobras) increased to both better balance marines/ grunts against warthogs and to improve marines overall against players who try to turtle with wolverines and cobras.

7.  Recycle basic cost return fixed to be 50% for constructed buildings.  (While a technically a bug, this directly impacts many slightly exploitive strategies)

Any thoughts? You can let Robot know by posting in the official thread over here:

See you in the discussion!

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