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April 20, 2009

More Halo Wars balance patch information – Boosting vampires, nerfing Hawks


Aloysius has revealed more information of balance adjustments in the upcoming Halo Wars title update. In simple terms the Covenant Vampires are getting a boost and Anders (who dominates the Top 100) is having the Hawks nerfed by making them more expensive. More details courtesy of Aloysius below:

We’re letting the cat out of the bag on a few more balance changes coming in the Title Update. The patch brings some balance changes mixed with bug fixes to Halo Wars.

The Covenant Vampire is getting a boost in the patch, with its attack damage being buffed by 15% with every upgrade. It’s health bonus and the special attack still remain a part of the upgrades.

The UNSC Leader Professor Anders is getting a slight whack with the nerf bat as well. Her Unique Unit upgrade, the Hawk, is being made more expensive, going from 900 to 1350 supplies. In addition, her Cryo Bomb upgrades are also going up by 50% at every level.

These changes should level the playing field in the UNSC/Covenant Air war. Stay tuned for more changes coming with the Title Update, as well as a date for when it’ll hit Xboxes near you!.


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