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March 3, 2009


Ensemble says its final goodbye. Halo Wars credits


Special thanks go to Joystiq who today posted the video of the heart-felt credits to Halo Wars. For those who haven’t yet seen the Halo Wars credits it contains the final goodbye from Ensemble Studios thanking fans for the support over the last 12 years. The credits also contain shout outs from everyone who worked on the game (thats everyone in the studio.) Many shout outs honour their family but also thank Ensemble and Tony Goodman for creating a great place to work.

It is clear from these messages that there was genuine love for working at the Studio and demonstrates the number of real people affected by Microsoft’s sad decision to close the studio.

You can watch the credits here:


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  1. patrick
    Mar 7 2009

    I miss you Esemble come back :(

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