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March 10, 2009

David Rippy head of Bonfire “Ensemble was a victim of its own success.” “Next game wont be an RTS; wont be published by Microsoft”


Bonfire Studios head David Rippy (ex Ensemble management) has revealed his thoughts on the Ensemble closure relating the to Microsoft never green lighting projects outside the RTS genre resulting in the studio being pigeonholed with RTS games. Rippy went on to discuss Bonfire Studios and that the first game they will make would not be an RTS game and that it would not be published by Microsoft.

This will be the first time the ex-Ensemble team will have worked together on a game outside of the RTS genre and we will finally see what else they are capable of. No doubt it its exciting times within the studio and we wish them the best of luck. Keep with us for all the updates of the upcoming “too hot to handle” game.  – any guesses on the platform?  Word on the street is that alot of Ensemble people are playing around with iPhones.. could that be the next platform?

You can read the full informative article here: and is well worth the read


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