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Cavemania Review

BonusXP have just released their latest mobile game on iOS and Android – Cavemania! The game is published by Yodo1, the same partner Robot Entertainment used to publish Hero Academy in China. Cavemania is a “Match 3” game, this means the core concept is similar to games like Bejeweled where you much like colours to score points. In Cavemania you match resources like food, wood, gold and stone. A nod to Age of Empires! However, Cavemania is about a whole lot more than just matching like tiles, taking that Age of Empires likeness further there is a whole lot of strategy involved that really sets this game apart. Read moreRead more


BonusXP and Yodo1 announce “Cavemania”!

Those of you who were fans of the excellent mobile game Monster Crew you will be very excited to hear about BonusXP’s newest mobile game that has just been announced – Cavemania!  BonusXP are partnering with Chinese publisher Yodo1, the same publisher who Robot Entertainment selected to take Hero Academy to Chinese territories. So what are the genius minds at BonusXP upto this time around you might ask. Well the good news the game features a strong blend of strategy as we have come to expect from our Ex-Ensemble founded studios. Cavemania is a match-3 strategy game where casual match 3 gameplay meets resource-management strategy. Read moreRead more


Hero Academy goes viral in China; a beacon of localization success.

Hero Academy fans may remember that back in late June this year Robot Entertainment announced that it was partnering with YoDo1, a Chinese video game studio, in order to bring Hero Academy to the mass Chinese market. Hero Academy has been available in China for a number of weeks now and the launch has been a great success. So much so that the YoDo1 localized version of Hero Academy made the Top 10 list in free games, and Top 25 iPhone apps overall in just 48 hours after going live on the App Store. Read moreRead more