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Orcs Must Die! XBLA Review

So the date is finally upon us – October 5th the release date of Orcs Must Die! (OMD) on Xbox Live Arcade. I have been playing OMD! over the last few days and have been extremely impressed with the game. OMD is the first original IP game to be launched by Robot Entertainment. For a number of people at the studio who worked previously at Ensemble this is the first game outside of the traditional RTS field. For those people this game is a breath of fresh air allowing for a new type creativity to flourish, and it certainly has done. OMD is a third person action strategy game. The goal of the game is simple – kill Orcs, kill them in any way you can. Players can choose between weapons, traps and magic to do the job. The Orcs must be killed before a certain number reach the rifts at the other end of the level. Otherwise its game over! Read moreRead more


Reviews for Halo Wars come pouring in. “Impressive”


Reviews for Ensemble’s last game Halo Wars are starting to come in. First up we have IGN who rated Halo Wars an “Impressive” 8.4/10. IGN’s UK arm rated the game 8.2 and in Australia 9.0! In each Halo Wars received an editor’s choice award! You can read the IGN reviews here:

Current MetaCritic Score: 83

Great scores so far for a great game!