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Are you a Vintage AgeCommer?

Have you been a member on Age Community before February 2009 when Robot Entertainment took over the reigns? Well if you were you can now get your very own “Vintage” badge on the Robot Entertainment forums. It looks pretty snazzy as below:

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Restoring ES Blogs – Part 1


I have restored images for Bruce Shelley’s most recent set of Ensemble blogs. You can find them in the blog archive.

Over the coming days more images will be restored to older Ensemble blogs. I will be doing Bruce’s blogs first and then Ben Donges after.

Stay tuned!

Feb goes offline – live


Today the official website has gone offline and now redirects to the Age of Empires community. Thankfully, I was warned this might be the case and took action to archive the final images of the Ensemble website along with copies of ES Blogs.

You will notice the formatting of the blogs isn’t all there yet and is missing images. This is something I hope to have rectified soon. However with dropping offline today it was a priority to get that text back on the web as soon as possible despite the formatting problems.

Sit tight and images and formatting will be restored to Bruce and Ben’s blogs soon.