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Guess the release date for Orcs Must Die! and win swag!

Do you fancy winning some awesome Orcs Must Die swag to show off to your friends when Orcs launches later this year? How about an awesome Orcs Must Die! T-Shirt, a Robot “Bot” Shirt, and a Robot Hat. Prizes courtesy of Robot Entertainment themselves! Read moreRead more


Age of Empires Online launching August 16th!

Quick update here – Microsoft has just announced that Age of Empires Online will be launching this August 16th. This exciting news will certainly be something for Age of Empires fans to look forward to. With 40 hours of free gameplay and a whole bunch of extra downloadable content this Age of Empires could well be the biggest Age of Empires game in the series thus far. A vast majority of the core game design from art to game play has come from Ex-Ensembler’s at Robot Entertainment before Gas Powered Games took over towards the end of the development process. For Age of Empires, Ensemble and Robot fans gear up for an exciting August!  Read moreRead more


Zynga acquires NewToy

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Happy Movember!

The bots at Robot Entertainment are showing their human side this month of Movember –  a time of manly moustache growing! That’s right, the bots, or “mobots” are taking up the Movember challenge by growing moustaches for the month of November. Yes this yearly event is news to me too but apparently it has been running since 1999 according the the Movember wikipedia entry having been started by a group of men in South Australia. Since then the yearly event has grown in awareness and now takes place in a whole bunch of countries such as Canada, Spain, United Kingdom, and the United States. There is some blurb on the official website as follows: Read moreRead more


Quests on route to NewToy’s We Rule!

If you have been enjoying NewToy’s kingdom building game “We Rule” on the iOS platform then you will be pleased to hear the budding developer is about to release a whole new feature for We Rule  - Quests!

According to the press release these quests will bring:

-New Reasons to Explore
-Exclusive Loot
-New Quests Every Week Read moreRead more


We Rule nominated for various GDC online awards

Good news for NewToy the developers of “We Rule” a game where players can create and rule their own kingdom on their iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad. If you do not have an iOS device you can see how the game looks below:

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Bonfire Studios releases its first game “We Farm” for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad

Bonfire Studios today announces the release of its first iPhone game “We Farm” . We Farm is a strategy game for iPhone where players can build their own farm and raise animals to earn rewards such as blue ribbons to progress through the game. The official description is as follows:

We Farm is a new kind of animal. Build a barnyard, raise critters and bring home the blue ribbon.

Invite your friends to take pictures with your prize-winning pig and patron businesses on your farm. Visit theirs for inspiration. And compete for the title of finest acreage this side of the Mississippi.

  • Raise horses, pigs, sheep, ducks and even ostriches, then compete for the blue ribbon at the county fair.
  • Make your farm your own with over a hundred buildings, animals and decorations
  • Plant veggies, fruit and flowers to earn your keep
  • Share your farm with your friends to earn extra coin and XP
  • If anyone has ever played FarmVille on Facebook you may find a similar expierence with We Farm but on the iPhone/Pad platform. If your interested in finding out more a video says a thousand words so take a look at this demo video demonstrating how the game works when building your first barnyard.

    It looks like a great game and I wish Bonfire all the success with its release. Unfortunately I do not have an iPhone at the moment so am unable to offer a review but I would love to hear your comments. Post a reply to this blog or drop me a line on Twitter! Meanwhile I can provide some quick FAQ’s…

    When is the game available?

    Its available right now on the iTunes store for immediate download and is available FREE. So if you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch then what are you waiting for? Head over to the iTunes Store to purchase or click the link below:

    Purchase We Farm in the App Store

    How much does it cost?

    This game is free to play :)

    Who are Ngmoco?

    Ngmoco are publishing the game. You may have heard of them before as they have also worked in partnership with another studio formed by Ex Ensemble staff, NewToy with thier game “We Rule“.

    When was this game released?

    The game was available for download July 29th 2010.

    Where can I find more information?

    The official website for We Farm can be found at: which contains screenshots, videos, descriptions and blogs for the game – well worth checking out!

    What’s next for Bonfire Studios?

    Bonfire promises to produce further games for the iPhone / Pad platforms so keep an eye out for more iPhone games from Bonfire Studios soon!


    Bruce Shelley to speak at the Europe GDC “Five Rules for Draft One of Your Game Design”

    Gamasutra reports that legendary game designer of Ensemble Studios, Bruce Shelley will be taking part in a 50 minute lecture at the Game Developers Conference in Europe (the GDC). The lecture is targeted at developers with any expierence and the summary as per the GDC website is as follows:

    Session Description
    Both veteran designers and students of game design sometimes struggle with the challenge of, ‘I have a great idea but I haven’t figured it all out and I don’t really know how to express it on paper.’ In this Game Design session, Bruce Shelley shares five guidelines for the challenge of producing a complete first draft game design proposal, a road map to help designers focus their thoughts and get momentum on the process of ‘getting it down.’ He covers both the game design decisions you need to have made before you’re ready to pitch an idea, and how to make that perilous journey from intuitive idea to the written word.

    It is great to see Bruce actively taking part in the games industry. Bruce recently served as design advisor on Ubisoft’s Settlers 7. If you haven’t checked out Settlers 7 it might be worth having a dabble at the game demo. With Bruce Shelley involved you can be sure the first 15 minutes of the game will be very fun and engaging, one of Bruce’s design values is to have the first 15 minutes as fun as possible

    The GDC takes place August 16-18th and I expect we shall hear details about what Bruce has to say on or soon after the event.


    NewToy’s “We Rule” live in the Canadian App Store – Worldwide release incoming!

    Great news for NewToy their latest iPhone game We Rule has now been approved by Apple and is live in the Canadian AppStore. No doubt it will soon be available worldwide very shortly so keep an eye on your App stores!

    The game is a free download so if you live in Canada check it out right away!


    NewToy’s “We Rule” iPhone game website goes live and in review at Apple

    NewToy have announced the launch of the official We Rule website for their upcoming iPhone game over at the Ngmoco community. The website has a bunch of screenshots for the upcoming game, here are some examples:

    Your kingdom. Your rules. Take charge of a living kingdom. Farm, build and expand your realm. Check back at anytime, anywhere.

    Looking forward to seeing this game go live and enjoying the success of previous NewToy titles!