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December 26, 2018

Introducing C Prompt Games and Heretic Operative

As we close out 2018 we bring news that there is a new kid on the block of studios formed from ex Ensemble staff members. We can now introduce C Prompt Games, a small studio set up by Ian Fischer (Mother) and Rob Fermier (Xemu). Fans will no doubt recognise these names as long time standing members of Ensemble Studios and then more recently at Robot Entertainment. Their new studio C Prompt Games is setting out on an adventure to deliver all new original games.

In an interview with Ian Fischer clarified:

“We built this mostly because Rob and I had been in companies for a long time, and we got to work on some great games, but we had other games we wanted to make”

C Prompt has recently announced its first title will be “Heretic Operative” a Strategy RPG game inspired by board games like Arkham Horror and Pandemic. This is definitely not an Age of Empires “spiritual successor” or anything like that, but a whole new different idea that has been brewing in the minds of these creatives.

  • Control a secret society dedicated to using magic for the benefit of the world, at a time when all mages are considered “heretics” to be hunted by the Templars.
  • Master over 50 different spells to overcome challenges in and out of combat. But be wary of the Corruption that accompanies magic. The more powerful you become, the greater the risk of losing control.
  • Fight enemy cultists, zealous templars, and ravenous monsters through a unique dice-based combat system. Employ mercenaries, devastating spells, and powerful artifacts to prevail.
Below are a number of screenshots of the new and upcoming game. These show an interesting art style much like a water colour painting. The screenshots show the board game like mechanics such as dice rolls and cards (of which there is over 270). There are 7 playable operatives and 6 different story decks to start which ensures a different experience each time. This is not only a strategy RPG game, but it also comes with a rich and engaging story with different paths based on the decisions the player takes (think, Fable, for example).


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This certainly seems like an interesting and unique new game from our trusty Ensemble veterans. The game is now coming soon on Steam and can be found on the link below. Be sure to add it to your wishlist and follow the game for up to date news on its development. The release date is currently TBC.

Also be sure to check out the article on to hear more from Ian and Rob talking about the new venture:


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